Quality & Service

Quality & Service permanently we are updated about the different aspects that can influence on the application of our products, and then we use our knowledge to help every customer to obtain the best result at their daily activity.

Individual Innovation & initiative

Individual Innovation & initiative, the professional and personal growth of our entire collaborators, developing our daily job as a team makes us very efficiency to achieve our commitments with our national and international customers.

Live and work with integrity

Live and work with integrity and respecting the environment, using ethically the science and lean on sense of common to be sure that our decision will improve the environment, the community, our employers, suppliers and customers.


Due to Selink philosophy and the nature of some of the products that we develop and supply, specially the ones that are addressed to be printed on Security documents, it is very important for us to keep a very high level of confidentiality with our clients. From our side we are forced to carry out some rules to guaranty the level of discretion and security that the market request:

  • Strict fulfilment of the Personal Data Protection Law and all current law related with the protection of personal information.
  • Development of a security policy and internal behaviour code.
  • Specify our services conditions through a contract.
  • Maximum transparency and discretion during our service performance to our customers.