UV-fluorescent inks are invisible to human eye under a normal source of light. To become visible for human eye they must be exposed to an UltraViolet (UV) source of light.

Infrared fluorescent inks are invisible and react when exposed to infrared light of a specific wave-length

Phosphorescent inks are invisible but when in darkness or faint light have a pale green afterglow. These inks acquire the capacity of glowing in the dark after having been exposed to daylight.

Photochromic ink is an invisible ink that changes its colour when exposed to light. It reacts to sunlight, very strong artificial light and UV light.

Thermochromic ink changes its colour when temperature changes, either as visible colours that change their shade as a result of a change in temperature, or by changing from one colour to a different one.

Security Inks’ watermark ink has been designed to be used as an ink or varnish to print a watermark that can be viewed when held against the light.

COIN REACTIVE inks, or COIN INKS are invisible or opaque white inks that, when scratched with the edge of a coin, become darker changing its shade to grey/black.

ERASABLE INKS are used for the background of documents so they will be easily erased using a rubber, in order to evidence the authenticity of a document and to make more difficult changing the information written on it.

Bleach reactive Ink react to sodium hypochlorite or bleach causing a brown colour stain.

NUMBERING ink is usually black or red and is aimed for numbering several security documents such as cheques, labels, lottery tickets, etc.

PENETRATING INK is an usually red or black ink that, due to its special pigmentation, goes into the paper and shows through the back of the document when the information is printed in the front side.

MAGNETIC INKS can store coded information. To that end, detectors able to code and read MICR printing are used. (MICR=Magnetic Ink Character Recognition).

CONDUCTIVE inks include special pigments that can conduct electricity

IR VISIBLE AND IR INVISIBLE inks are inks of the same colour without any visible difference between them, but when viewed under IR light, IR Invisible ink disappears while IR Visible ink is opaque

The DESENSITIZER is an ink specially designed for carbonless copy paper that can be used in conventional offset and letterpress and is intended to prevent the self-copying effect

IRIDESCENT ink changes its shine depending on the angle of view. Combined with other inks it can change from virtually invisible to visible, with shinning effects resulting from the incidence of the light

IRIONEW inks combine iridescent effects with colour shades and therefore depending of the angle of view a different colour can be observed.

NEWCHROM inks (OVI inks) combine two iridescence colours, depending on the angle of vision.

CHALCOGRAPHIC INKS or INTAGLIO INKS print producing a raised relief by creating lines, which make harder forging banknotes, stamps and other documents. INTAGLIO INKS can be used both in paper and cloth wiped systems

  1. CHALCOGRAPHIC INKS or INTAGLIO INKS print producing a raised relief by creating lines, which makes harder forging banknotes and other documents. INTAGLIO INKS are mainly intended for printing banknotes, in alkaline water solution wiped chalcographic presses of medium and high speed.