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The protection of documents, in recent decades, has become more difficult as technology is increasingly available to the average citizen. That is why the use of special inks for the protection of areas or fields that were not previously contemplated has increased. Security Inks offers products, technologies and solutions in five different categories, helping you protect your printed document in the most effective way.

Negotiable documents

Negotiable documents are documents that can have an intrinsic value (a stamp, a ticket, lottery) or a deferred value, where a person gives a variable value to the document (Check, Traveler check, bill of exchange, promissory note,...). These documents can be attacked in their ownership and/or amount, therefore they must be protected against manipulation, cloning or modification of the written information.

Identity documents

Security Inks is a reliable partner to obtain the necessary security in the protection of identities, a primary issue for the peace of mind for our clients around the world. Today, identity protection is a fundamental part of our mission and dedication. For this reason, the development and innovation in inks for the protection of national personal identification documents, access cards a  protected areas, diplomas, titles, ... where the document relates public-private values such as the person and their nationality, their professional knowledge or belonging to a specific community are part of our commitment to international society.

Government documents

Security Inks is a leader and pioneer in the development of reliable solutions for the protection of valuable documents that are the property of the States, such as passports, stamps, lotteries, etc. who are under the threat of fraud and counterfeiting. Revenue stamps: Illicit trade and counterfeiting not only reduce the turnover and profits of honest companies and local producers: they also cause authorities to lose tax revenue. Security Inks has extensive experience in the manufacture of intaglio printing inks for printing tax stamps that guarantee the authenticity of a product through the accurate and real declaration of the importation of products or local production, through the payment of the corresponding tax rate, to which certain products such as spirits, tobacco, wine and other consumer products are subject.

Service and access documents

Access or service documents “open” the way to certain spaces that are not free access, but restricted. They can be both physical spaces: sports competition, show, reception,... or service provision: telephony, transportation, customs,... The "opening" of the access roads must be protected so that a ticket, card or access document cannot be cloned and if so, block access to those who do not have the right to use that space or service.

Brand protection

Our society has seen the need to protect consumer products that are used massively by people, and that have been falsified or adulterated with serious harm to society. Alcoholic beverages, medicines, luxury items, identification cards, food..., nothing escapes the risk of being counterfeited and the consumer wants to know that what they buy is authentic; This has forced large corporations and authorities to prevent these risk situations by protecting them through special and security inks. Today the falsification of products, brands and designations of origin has become one of the main problems of our society, causing serious economic damage to the entire manufacturing-distribution chain, to society due to the loss of associated jobs, and due to the decrease in public administration income due to tax evasion.

Examples of solutions

Negotiable documents
Identity documents
Gubernamental documents
Service and access documents
Brand protection
Coupons, Vouchers, Gift Certificates
Birth, marriage, death certificates
Fishing, hunting, shooting licenses
Debit Utility Systems
Fragrances and cosmetics
Credit letters
Documentos propiedad de vehículos
Safety inspection certificates
Food and drinks
Warranty documents
Business registration documents
Business introduction
Concessionary passes
Travelers checks
Scriptures and titles
Customs clearance
Business permits, import licenses
bank notes
Plane, bus, train tickets
Company letters
ID cards
Tickets for events and sports
Business cards
Credit cards
Driver's license
Public telephones and prepaid phone cards
Postal stamps
Travel visas
Software, audio and video
Firearms licenses

Product compliance solutions

Cloning is the generation of products that are a replica of another with identical appearance, but that is not produced by the owner of the brand that protects it and whose production processes and raw materials are of inferior quality, causing deception to the person who acquires it and a fraudulent economic benefit to whoever sells it. Likewise, it causes a serious economic loss to the owner of the brand and design, as well as its prestige and image. Special mention must be made of medical or pharmaceutical products, since in addition to brand and economic damage, we must add the health damage that this entails for deceived consumers, who purchase a placebo product or one with serious modifications in the composition or formulation. of the medications. Security inks currently provides  reliable solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

To guarantee authenticity without compromising the automation of management processes, Security Inks has developed inks that guarantee the authenticity of products through high-speed automatic systems. In this way we fight against counterfeiting as well as the reduction in product quality.

Counterfeit products

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